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With the recent innovation of medical treatment in the fields of orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery and rehabilitation, the main stream now is to have patients leave their bed and engage in rehabilitation at an early stage.Thus manufacturing of rehabilitation products/splints with such rehabilitation plans, it is made necessary to adapt to individual patients needs by producing various functions to suit their conditions and objective within a shot time. Medical practitioners in developing world have gradually started the implementation of the concept of early rehabilitation because this not only cuts the treatment time short but also saves costs when seen in broader economic sense.

Through the process of constant innovation and research Medi-Aid now stands tall as a leading partner in rehabilitation. With a humble start some 17 years back, today Medi-Aid claims an all India presence. The company has already diversified into manufacturing of Digital Physiotherapy equipments and service sector of providing medical consultancy facilities in different parts of Delhi.

Medi-Aid has always welcomed criticism and has considered this as one of the driving forces in the process of growth.

"Let there be light everywhere and let Medi-Aid be a ray of hope and rehabilitation. it’s a humble prayers to the Almighty."